• He Is The Music

    As mysterious as a the winds
    He whispered softly to me
    In a language my soul speaks
    Sounds like friendly melody... more »

  • Her Name Is Merry

    Her name is Merry Gossip
    She was born by Jealousy
    Not long ago left a banal friendship
    For a giddily ungodly story... more »

  • Home

    Home is where my soul rests
    While all are flooded in tears
    I sleep free from sorrows and fears
    Everything within with one another nest... more »

  • Home Away From Home

    I will not miss you
    Even when I am in another place
    You will be in my heart and soul
    Filling every void and empty space... more »

  • I Am Not Afraid

    You love me for all that I am
    Even the bitterness within
    Thank you for being a friend
    Hope you never trade me in... more »

  • I Forgot Who He Was

    My mind was in a tumble the worst ever
    Fuzzy Dizzy Hazy Woozy Dazed
    It happened so fast I couldn’t start to wonder
    Scared and confused I leaned back against a wall... more »

  • I Wish I Dream

    Dreamers are in a world of their own
    They even have dreams they can postpone
    Lives now and then may be up in the air
    But most dreamers have their own way... more »

  • I'D Like To...

    I’d like to go back to
    The island virgin in nature
    No frequency for news
    Of deaths and wars... more »

  • Impression Of Grief

    Floating through the unknown

    Bewildered with profound sadness... more »

  • In Harmony With The Universe

    The mystical music
    In harmony with the universe
    The melody
    Kindles my perception... more »

  • In Or Out

    It was a lovely day
    You and I just holding hands
    Nothing comes to mind
    Speechless in each others’ arms... more »

  • Into The Light

    We have the gift of seeing
    The very pathway of our light
    Sometimes we just tend to ignore
    And go to the dark side... more »

  • It Was So Simple

    Simple dream simple life
    Simple happiness simple stride
    Looking back at life brings a smile
    Not an alteration to compromise... more »

  • Jealousy

    Her eyes are mellow
    Almost yellow
    Jealousy reeks
    Her actions speaks... more »

  • Jersey

    Spring in the east
    Born into the wild
    Life is never was... more »

  • Karma Chameleon

    She dresses up in gold
    And sparkles with diamond
    But there is one thing untold
    She is a poor woman chameleon... more »

  • Let's Go

    Let’s go
    To a place we’ve never been
    Somewhere we’ve never traveled before
    And show me where I really belong... more »

  • Loco

    Anxiously with open arms
    I welcome you in my life my love
    Enchanted with your charms
    You are an answer from above... more »

  • Looking Into The Future

    Every night as I close my eyes
    I see the vision of tomorrow
    Imagine what it would be like
    Forever love to be with you... more »

  • Love Misunderstood

    I never know what today might bring
    You can not perceive my true feeling
    If my words are not good enough for you
    I have nothing more to offer that will be true... more »

  • Love Unwanted

    With my eyes fully shut
    I threw the dice and I dared
    Went all the way ever pushing the limit
    Only to find out that you never really cared... more »

  • Lucky Flower

    He loves me,
    He loves me not;
    He loves me,
    He loves me not;... more »

  • Lucky Girl!

    I Know
    Someone Loves Me
    I am sure someone does
    I am a Lucky Girl!... more »

  • Mama Mia

    I don’t remember dear
    In our precious vow
    The ever dearest mother
    Would be in our powwow... more »

  • Maria... Maria! ! !

    She was the prettiest girl in school
    A preacher’s daughter and thirteen
    I remember how naughty she was
    She gave me my first French kiss... more »