• Saving Him For Dessert

    He is the one I can’t give up
    Yet something is not quite right
    Something is holding me back
    Something I cannot identify... more »

  • Scars

    Scars represent courage and valor
    Scars mean we got over the pain... more »

  • Secrets

    I shared a secret
    Today you held it
    Felt it
    Shared it... more »

  • Seven

    My confidence is mistaken with pride
    The unpretentious modesty with humiliation
    Yet this cruel word will not stop my selfless stride
    Not a single tyranny would change my vision... more »

  • She Walked By...

    She walks by in sheer silence
    Every inch moving flawlessly
    Your eyes gaze in a pleasance
    Swiftly taking your breath away... more »

  • Silhouette

    A wooden bench
    The geisha book
    Holding my breath
    Waiting for you... more »

  • Simple Success

    If my smile
    Melted an angry heart
    If my smile
    Changed your mind... more »

  • Slaves Of Time

    Another day survived
    Are we relieved?
    Or are we afraid... more »

  • Small Town, Not A Ghost Town

    I live in a small town
    With no rivers to sail
    With no mountain to hike
    No malls to choose from... more »

  • Some Dream

    I learned this week
    Do not pick the flower
    Tempting mystique
    Not for you to bother... more »

  • Something Tells Me...

    Melted snow flakes
    Broken wine glass
    Dried up flower
    Baby it’s over... more »

  • Speed

    The blue convertible was spectacular
    My baby was so alive I found myself praying
    A pair of blue eyes to match he was on fire
    Pleased with his toy my body was trembling... more »

  • Spinning My Wheels

    The hands of the clock seem so slow
    I am tormented here just waiting for you... more »

  • Springtime Madness

    Finally the dreadful winter is over
    Springtime madness has begun
    It’s the gateway to life’s new chapter
    Time to sort out what was left undone... more »

  • Starting Over

    We can start over but keep reminding ourselves
    The things that happened were just meant to be
    We cannot allow insecurities cloud our thinking
    Judge not our future by the way things happened... more »

  • Stay My Friend

    I am certain you were sent by an angel in heaven
    Having you as a friend is something blissful
    You make me laugh and purr like a kitten
    your magic touch rekindled my mind and soul... more »

  • Story Of The Traveling Man

    The man travels coast to coast
    He lives in motel rooms
    Then he complains the spouse
    Not able to do what he wants... more »

  • Taming A Tamed Heart

    There is a soul so untrusting yet so eager to love
    Troubled with veiled images of a gloomy past
    A vulnerable tamed heart with a timid soul
    This sad drifter has captured my fascination... more »

  • Tears Everywhere

    What would do in a room full of tears
    Behind me is a tear of sorrow
    To my right a tear of shame and fears
    To my left is a tear of no tomorrow... more »

  • The Dimbie A Friend

    Dimbie sent me a picture
    He was covered with dust
    It was a very nice gesture
    But it sure was the strangest... more »

  • The Dying Sun

    The sun used to shine so bright
    now dimmed by the winter storm
    the days seem to be all twilight
    the sun on my face is no longer warm... more »

  • The Family That Was... Filipino Style

    I come home from school and do my homework
    Before dark I watch my mom prepare for supper
    Wait for the other sibling to get home from work
    Around six one by one they come home to gather... more »

  • The Girl In Me

    My hair mostly gray
    Hips and bones are frail
    The knees soon to betray
    But with the girl in me... more »

  • The Journey

    You play me like a guitar
    Creating an inharmonic sound
    The cadence is so bizarre
    I don’t want you to be around... more »

  • The Last Blizzard

    The last blizzard was pretty harsh
    Couldn’t get out I almost got fired
    It’s a good thing I have a sweet smile
    The good ol’ bossing took me back... more »