• A Different Person

    a memory of something good
    fading away in my head
    draining all thats left of me
    makig me feel dead... more »

  • Afraid

    Afraid to open my eyes
    Afraid all my dreams will fade away
    Left only with the reality i ran from
    I want to pretend for one more day... more »

  • Blinded By Love

    Following blindly
    for i thought you really cared
    i was only gone for a second
    and i looked back but you werent there... more »

  • Crying For You

    Crying for you
    my heart is broken
    i'll leave now
    theres nothing to be spoken... more »

  • Dreams

    A dream i've dreamt before
    a lie that would never come true
    i cant get it through my head
    I WILL NEVER BE WITH YOU... more »

  • Drowning My Mind

    take a couple pills
    to kill what i dont want to feel
    keep myself from crying
    the only way i can heal... more »

  • Forever Asleep

    the silent denial
    of the scars on my wrist
    the made-up excuses
    of the bruises from your fist... more »

  • Forget, My Friend

    this thing pulling us apart
    this thing that doesnt even really matter
    destoying a friendship that was so strong
    im just waiting for things to get better... more »

  • Getting Up The Nerve

    i've had a million conversations with you
    all of them in my head
    things i wish would happen
    things i wish you would have said... more »

  • Guilt

    An innocent mistake
    no one had foreseen
    finally getting his life together
    5 months he had been clean... more »

  • Hurt By You

    i cant control these feelings
    they're taking over me
    im hurting inside
    but its nothing you can see... more »

  • Im There

    i see the pain underneath your smile
    your trying to hold back
    it almost brings tears to my eyes
    as i sit and try to fake a laugh... more »

  • Its Not Me...Its You

    Sadly i still miss you
    it seems its been so long
    would you take me back
    if i admitted i was wrong?... more »

  • 'Just Friends'

    The Scent of you is different
    not a cologne, not a spray
    its just 'your smell'
    and it gets me through the day... more »

  • Let Me Forget

    i recall every moment i spent with you
    and think about how it was never true
    careless with what i let myself feel
    stupid for thinking that it was real... more »

  • Loss

    the sun doesnt seem so bright
    and the skies not all that blue
    nothing can bring a smile to my face
    ...not sense i lost you... more »

  • My Feelings For You

    These feeling for you wont go away

    and im not sure i can stand it one more day... more »

  • My Poison

    A drink to ease my pain
    which leads to many more
    confused by this world
    lying on the floor... more »

  • Old Memories

    memories and dreams
    an image comes to my head
    afraid to open my eyes
    because all those things are dead... more »

  • One Last Breath

    i will hold the plain white pillow
    over my face until i lose all breath
    i will fight, and kick, and scream
    it will be a painful death... more »

  • Permanent High

    my eyes glazed over
    high on my most recent drug
    dont wanna face the world
    im drowning in your love... more »

  • Screams

    my face is hot
    and a tear slides down my cheek
    laying motionless
    my body is weak... more »

  • Stupid Thoughts

    tears caused by my frustration
    for what you do to me i cant explain
    thoughts of you and what isnt there
    brings me a great deal of pain... more »

  • Things Not Shown

    its hurts when you look at her
    i can see it in your eyes
    you dont want to be with me
    and this is why i cry... more »

  • This Love For You I Hate

    You seem to see right through me
    your face is like a sin
    i dreamt about you
    ...but i cant remember when... more »