• Fully Alive

    Tired after walking so many miles,
    finally resting; closing my eyes,
    I still see it all so brightly... more »

  • Glorious

    How wonderful to be creative
    as clouds in the sky

    Freely changing form, texture,... more »

  • Grass-Pink

    I wandered the Pine Flatwoods where the Pawpaws grow,
    in springtime, flowers' fragrance arose

    Gallberries blossoming caught my eye,... more »

  • Grateful

    I'm grateful for today's warm breeze,
    the yellow fleurs-de-lis,
    scent of clean laundry.... more »

  • Heaps Of Sky

    The clouds are gray,
    heavy with rain, sea foam

    Cream puffs piled high... more »

  • Holiday

    I want to invent a new occasion
    hereafter to be named
    'No Worries Day'... more »

  • Hope

    Hope is a raindrop,
    a theorem,
    creative thought... more »

  • How The Cloud Formed

    All the softness in the air
    gathered, swept upwards by hope

    The light of love, the beauty there... more »

  • I Am

    I am a blissful bird;
    a snowy egret,
    a warbler... more »

  • If

    If I was a wild flower, an orchid,
    in the Everglades, I might be

    Like the butterflies in the cypress forest... more »

  • In The Afternoon

    ... more »

  • Inabilities

    Inabilities, fears,
    plucking them
    one by one... more »

  • January

    ... more »

  • Joy

    No softer sound than
    late morning shadows
    on golden beige... more »

  • Knowing Not

    Where will I be
    two years from now,
    in three; even five?... more »

  • Las Maravillas

    Dynamic imperceptible
    seeds of the old marigolds
    have begun to grow... more »

  • Latitude

    Have you ever loved silence
    as much as music?

    not the sad, lonesome quiet... more »

  • Many Ways

    For the past dozen years or so,
    when day breaks, I open the front window
    blinds to let in a peaceful green view... more »

  • Mashed Potatoes (A Vegetarian Sonnet)

    Lovely cumulus clouds they bring to mind,
    a soft scoop looks just like the glowing moon,
    or drift of winter snow that's bright and fine;
    what magical, wonderful comfort food!... more »

  • Meaning Of Life

    The meaning of life
    is carried by cool rain,
    rivers flowing,
    blue lakes.... more »

  • Mexican Apples And Other Delights

    Walking about in woods again;
    with Tarzan vines abundant

    Where Spiderman must surely train;... more »

  • Namaste

    The young mother eyes me from a short distance;
    she sits, and hollows out a nest
    in the mulch between my house and the next.... more »

  • Nightwatch

    Sitting on the porch of a warm southern evening
    Lavender wisps of clouds breathing
    Drifts of Venezuelan tobacco
    Wild cats hiding yet... more »

  • Nothing Could Be More Sweet

    ... more »

  • Nova

    As cobblestones stroll slowly pink pale gray
    to southern Sunday morning's live oak shade,
    nearby a fountain waters softest rain,
    the cloudless sky blesses white flow'ring crepe.... more »