I am an Australian internet poet, I love poems and have attempted to write them since a child. A lot of my poems are on political, environmental and sad subjects, most come from my heart yet a few are done just for fun.
I think if I had to find one word to describe both my poetry and myself it would be, 'Green, ' but if I could use three words I would write 'blue and green.'
I have much to learn from you.


Kay Devenish Poems

Life's A Bitch (Or, Is It Me?)

I don’t want to go there,
I don’t want to look,
I'm too comfortable within
this warm and cozy nook.... more »

For Men Hurt By Women.

I share these words;
(they come right from my core)
‘ You need to be your own best friend... more »

Cassandra Of Cavendish

Cassandra of Cavendish
sprints to the marketplace
air in her jogger shoes lifts her along,
Cassandra of Cavendish ever so giggleish,... more »

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