• =]

    Love or Lust?
    Hate or trust?
    grab or thrust?
    want or must?... more »

  • A Lie Is A Lie

    I lie,
    you lie.
    'you lie! '.... more »

  • Anger

    I feel this anger building up,
    its dwelling inside of me.
    i tell it to go away,
    but it says its hiding inside of me.... more »

  • Everything Is Going To Be Okay...

    This little girl i knew,
    grew up confused and abused,
    This innocent child was frequently used.... more »

  • Glow

    With your glowing glory
    i start to write this story
    the universe you create
    is something i appreciate.... more »

  • Gone Girl

    Detention girl,
    Suspension girl,
    Lives off a pention girl.... more »

  • Harder Than The Rain

    Pain is pourin down,
    Harder than the rain...

    Now matter how hard I try to train my Brain,... more »

  • Heart Like Gold

    A heart is worth more,
    than all the gold in the world.

    It is not somthing,... more »

  • Just Go

    Im not going to beg you to stay,
    your already on your way,

    Im not going to pay you to stay,... more »

  • Mom, Dont Go

    dont go,
    i beg you so.... more »

  • Monster From My Past

    The monster from my past,
    Is nothing but the truth.

    It pushes me so fast,... more »

  • My Masterpiece

    creation, is somting that you create,
    my daughter is my creation,
    but she insist shes hers,
    shes her master piece,... more »

  • Only 13

    Im only thirteen,
    but you would'nt belive what i've seen,
    The heartache the pain,
    the need to stay sane,... more »

  • White, Black

    White, black,
    trash, smack.

    Black, white,... more »