• A Girl Like Me

    a girl like me
    loves me for who i am
    a girl like me
    loves people for who they are... more »

  • Everything You Are.

    You are perfect to me,
    In every single way.
    You say you dont see it,
    But I can surly feel it.... more »

  • For Years To Come!

    Stuck in this room
    between these four walls
    whom offer no advice
    six days have come and gone... more »

  • Gone

    Heart broken and distraught,
    I scribble these words.
    They hold no meaning,
    But what else can I do?... more »

  • I Still Love You And I Dont Know Why

    Why do i feel this way?
    i just want to breakdown and cry
    the way you captivated me
    with your obliviating words... more »

  • Im Just A Person

    this world is closing in on me
    i dont think i can take it anymore
    i can never seem to get a grasp on gravity
    i wish i could float... more »

  • L'Amour Doux-Amer

    Alone in my room I sit and write.

    Its times like these when i feel unbelievably alone.... more »

  • Life And Death

    im numb to everything
    i dont think ill ever find my way back
    i dont want to either
    i wanna leave... more »

  • Lost!

    I can feel him next to me,
    putting his arm around me
    making me safe
    whispering in my ear 'I Love You'... more »

  • Most Of All Love

    You give me hope,
    And light.
    You make the sun shine,... more »

  • My Love..

    you left me broken,
    my heart shattered.

    I loved you so much,... more »

  • Nobody Knows!

    She cant sleep again,
    echo's of forgotten time replay
    over and over again in
    her head like a broken... more »

  • Today Is Never Tomorrow.

    Still in the night,
    Night of the lost,
    Lost wishes,
    Wishes of tomorrow,... more »

  • Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

    you are my today,
    the way you look me in my eyes
    and give me that little smirk,
    and make my heart beat... more »

  • Unknown...

    I am the one they call

    as the breeze to a closed... more »