• All I Need Is You.

    Hearing you say that you love me,
    Is all that i need to get me through the day.

    Looking into your eyes,... more »

  • Disguised

    I tighten my laces
    And I pull on my jacket.
    A perfect disguise,
    They will never know.... more »

  • Hopless

    I used to think that i could conqure the world
    With my unique binding words creating rivers of wisdom
    The words that i spill from my soul
    But now I see that I am just hopless... more »

  • Just Breath.

    Dont look at him.
    Don't let him the he's won.
    Just breath.... more »

  • Let The Walls Fall Down

    Why has she thought
    that all these years...
    she meant nothing, and no one cared
    Years of self negativity and dout... more »

  • Life Goes On...

    Forget the past

    Hope fore the future... more »

  • Parents.

    They always put on a show,
    Claiming they understand.
    But times have changed.
    They never went through what you are going through.... more »