• Anything For You

    If you let me love you,
    I will sacrifice - my dreams for you
    If you let us be together -
    I will sacrifice, whatever... more »

  • Beauty Of You

    Your lips, your eyes, your soul
    Are like a work of art,
    The most creative thing of all
    Is your beautiful heart.... more »

  • Because Of My Love

    Because of you
    my world is now whole,
    Because of you
    love lives in my soul.... more »

  • Day By Day

    Day by day
    Night by night
    Kiss by kiss
    Touch by touch... more »

  • For U Are The One

    For you I would climb
    The highest mountain peak
    Swim the deepest ocean
    Your love I do seek.... more »

  • He Slipped Away

    I laugh at myself
    for what I have done
    You warned me not to
    But I have fallen in love... more »

  • How Can You

    how can you
    How can you leave when I call?
    How do you just watch me fall?
    How cold do you have to be?... more »

  • How Do You

    How Do You

    how is it you make me laugh
    when all I can do is cry... more »

  • Just The Thought

    The curve of your hips
    Is stuck in my mind
    The taste of your lips
    So sweet that I find... more »

  • My Dream Come True

    Feelings that once were hidden
    Are now expressed to you.
    Days that once were stormy
    Are now the brightest blue.... more »

  • Please Dont

    Please donâ? ? t stand on me
    My heart -
    It cannot beat
    I cannot breathe,... more »

  • Simple Love

    Hold me forever...
    Close in your heart.... more »

  • The Day Dream

    Watching out the window on a perfect summers day,
    listening to the wind that throws the blossom to the bay.
    speaking to the air i breathe of things Ive never said,
    thinking of you in my mind, my heart and in my head.... more »

  • The World

    I’d give anything to see the sun set on the horizon,
    I’d do anything to gaze at a full moon in the night sky;
    Even a rainbow would make me smile,
    And I’d love to swim in crystal clear waters... more »