• Emotional...

    Do you realise what your doing to me
    Do you realise what youve done
    you build me up, you dropp me down
    you do it just for fun... more »

  • Feelings..

    led in bed..alone in thought
    empty inside, no feeling to sort,
    wondering when this depression will end
    wondering when these cuts will mend... more »

  • Hate For..

    I hate the way u dont notice me, i hate it that u dont call,
    i hate the way you do your hair, and laugh at me when i fall.
    I hate the jibes, and stupid names, i hate the games you play,
    i hate the lies and dishonestness, i hate it day by day... more »

  • Love..

    when your in love.. your whole world is imence
    your eyes do not see.. the consequence
    You think its going great, your 100% in love
    you think that this man is sent from up above.... more »