• A Lass

    A sweet heart
    having eyes glittering like diamonds.
    A face that look like the sun.
    I am unable to behold the beam... more »

  • A Nature's Gift

    She's magnetic without knowing
    Nature's in love with her
    that it bestowed on her beauties.
    Can I be nature's rival?... more »

  • A Scar On The Moon

    Not only the Ozone depletes
    The sun’s vigor energizes
    The earth delineates-
    Discomfort and turmoil for its inhabitants... more »

  • Absence Of Lecture Noise

    Deafening vocals hit my ear.
    I can get nothing, still conversations abound there.
    Though there exist classes,
    but, I take 'em all as phrasses.... more »

  • African Evening

    Quasi dull clouded sky
    with humming melodies.
    Singing children,
    Olds knocking, inhaling and sneezing.... more »

  • All His Making

    On the palette he mixes us
    We in different racial colours
    Varied hair and eye colours
    Tongues same shape talks in adumbration... more »

  • All My Accord Rove Abstruse (Amara)

    Keep on keeping on…
    Can I survive as I mourn?

    We learn to live... more »

  • Amateur Family

    Marriage and university become twins,
    Institutions of union and learning.
    The young habituate in sins
    of Homo-sexing and intra marrying.... more »

  • Anger

    Blockages of vision
    motivations of unconscious actions
    blinds the eyes of goodism
    pays heed to immediacy.... more »

  • Are We Ashamed?

    Though a shame for such a land
    my country is shameless.
    A land losing its people
    to alien illiteracy.... more »

  • As Much As I Know

    As I look up to the sky
    The cloud’s face seems darkened
    Is it engorged with sadness or joy?
    Suddenly! It winks brightly at me... more »

  • Asinine Impacting Knowledge

    Can anything be got
    From one who has none?
    Can an illiterate or ineducable
    Teach you how to scribe or journalize?... more »

  • Beautiful; Our World

    Looking across the horizon
    befuddlement cuddles me
    beautiful celestial landscape
    that swallows the skyline in royalty... more »

  • Behaviour

    Breeding in variations
    likely similarity a rare phenomenon.
    Foundation laid genetically
    builds nurturally- gregarious influences.... more »

  • Being Lonely

    A heart in jumbles
    seeking ways to realse its bubbles.
    It tuggles amidst struggles
    to be free from shack shackles.... more »

  • Best Of Loving Mamas

    My Mama,
    a loving and caring Angel.
    Accepting pains and millstone
    to cause my advent herein... more »

  • Can’t Explain You

    Calling you honey is undermining
    Using the word sugar
    To explain the sweetness of you r lips
    Is an act of natural abuse.... more »

  • Chassis Phrase

    A new Dawn, a fresh start
    Just like one with a blank slate
    Beginning afresh to scribble life anew
    Forgetting the past, only looking on... more »

  • Conquering Fantasy

    Escalation of emotion the notion
    Admiration sets me in motion
    Competence, the caption
    Attraction sustains our liaison... more »

  • Contract Unresolved

    Sometimes, I ponder and wonder
    Why not for such love grow fonder

    One leaves splendor to wallow in gallows... more »

  • Daring

    Be daring in doing
    mountains cliombed at ease.
    Oceans swam like streams.
    Difficulty of the undaring-... more »

  • Darling Daddy

    Ho ho ho, he’s my man
    Sometimes his looks are stern.
    It’s so, for my sole good
    Lest I‘ll do been a dud dude.... more »

  • Decency

    Having a human face
    covering our animalism
    making us goody godly.
    The only effect ushering... more »

  • Disarmed Nigeria

    While a blessed nation
    robs itself of ammunition
    weapons of the new century
    develop science and technology.... more »

  • Dogs Play (An Option For Man)

    It is better to be like dogs
    you don’t think so huh.
    ‘Cos dogs are unrefined
    related to elicit sexuality... more »