Actually not a human at all, Keagan Meyer is a robot that roams the streets in search of delicious senior citizens to devour. Often times his search is unsuccessful. But when he encounters one he immediately begins to fire rockets and lazers from his cybernetic eye that he tore off the corpse of a bionic tyrannasaurus rex that he defeated in the great war. He also likes late night walks in the moonlight and movies with danny glover.


Keagan Meyer Poems

Monday Storm

The sun gives way to clouds
gray skies absorb the light
its chilly and I doubt
the sun will win the fight... more »

Grab A Handful Of Punch! !

Here comes Cletus, he gots a knife
He says he want to take your life
Here comes Dennis he drives a van,
to steal your kids is his big plan... more »


I stand on a bridge between two seperate lands
one side no less beautiful than the other
to my left a valley-most pristine
the grass grows green and thick... more »

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Comments about Keagan Meyer

Shazza Carpenter 25 Apr 2012 12:14
Over all! You are a awesome poet1 keep it up. i love your wording!