• A Confounding Love

    Mine eyes hath never bore such comeliness,
    But thy beauty reflects loves most wicked sin,
    That in thine own splendor,
    A folly plagues a fickle view,... more »

  • An Account Of Failure

    O’Dreary affliction of life, to sorrow we thus entreat
    For kindness to be bestow’d upon this weaken’d vessel,
    Honor, pride and contentment seeketh I of esteem’d worth,
    So labors the common soul for a merit that bequeaths his value,... more »

  • I Shall Not Fold

    O’ Fulfillment do come to be true,
    For a hope that weeps expectations of sought,
    Tolerances unduly testing the very nature of fateful subdue,
    Where grievances of recollection stain my very thought,... more »

  • My Crimson Fate

    How come these nights be as it is?
    Who consented to loves cruel allure?
    Although the ruins lay bare, a minute has been too soon,
    For seconds are fixed and thoughts endless seem,... more »

  • The Route

    In the days of my adolescence,
    Often had I thought about the years that follow,
    For those days were filled with hopes and dreams,
    And as I stand here, hardly passed the bloom of youth,... more »

  • Tolerances Of Mere Life

    Veracities of existence appeal not to I but to the ill,
    Appeasingly they endeavor to render their will,
    They choose to subsist amongst a gradual decay,
    Of countenance’s despicably amid a great folly this day,... more »

  • Who Shall Command This Aged Ship

    Who shall command this aged ship?
    Where wallowing and wontedness bellow remorseful tear,
    That now, whence upon poignant acts being exhibited,
    A quandary of mindless entreaty poised entranced he,... more »