Born in Coronationville, Johannesburg in 1984. Raised in Newlands-JHB before relocating to Cape Town in 1998. Never really showed interest in writing until 2003 when he met his wife to be. Thus far completed 10 poems with some still under construction.The eternal optimist, I am!


Keegan Coutriers Poems

My Crimson Fate

How come these nights be as it is?
Who consented to loves cruel allure?
Although the ruins lay bare, a minute has been too soon,
For seconds are fixed and thoughts endless seem,... more »

Who Shall Command This Aged Ship

Who shall command this aged ship?
Where wallowing and wontedness bellow remorseful tear,
That now, whence upon poignant acts being exhibited,
A quandary of mindless entreaty poised entranced he,... more »

I Shall Not Fold

O’ Fulfillment do come to be true,
For a hope that weeps expectations of sought,
Tolerances unduly testing the very nature of fateful subdue,
Where grievances of recollection stain my very thought,... more »

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