• Alienated

    In this world
    Everyone is the same
    I am just like them
    If I told you who I really was... more »

  • Believe

    How can I when the world has gone wrong
    Is what she told me... more »

  • Bestfriend

    Looking at this screen thinking
    This is my bestfriend
    We are always together
    And I never leave you... more »

  • Destiny

    As the sunrises
    And I look into your eyes
    All I can do is smile
    Because I know I love you... more »

  • Family

    How can I truly be apart of this family
    They don’t even love me
    They say they do but I know its all lies
    From that disguise they show with their eyes... more »

  • Hotel Door

    You talk quietly
    So people don't hear what you say through that hotel door
    Say something loudly
    And someone might take those words and spread them around... more »

  • How Can You Say

    How can you say you love him
    When he breaks you down
    Makes you cry yourself to sleep
    Never telling you he loves you... more »

  • I Stopped

    I stopped flirting
    Because you had someone
    I stopped talking
    Scared I might let something out... more »

  • Intuition

    My first intuition was to ignore you
    I let that go and started talking to you
    My second intuition was to give you a fake number
    I let that go and started texting you... more »

  • Love

    Love is just a feeling
    No way to express the word
    You might say flowers and chocolate
    A hug or a kiss... more »

  • My Real Love

    I hide myself
    Because of what you might say
    I say her name is Sam
    When it’s Destiny... more »

  • My Talent

    My talent
    Its not writing poetry
    Its not playing basketball
    Its showing everyone... more »

  • Small Little Book

    A small little book
    With the words that fill my head
    Are now in the hands
    Of the man... more »

  • Stand Up

    The look in your eye
    Could kill a fly
    That slick smile
    Kills the bravest man... more »

  • Tell Me The Truth

    Tell me the truth
    Look in my eyes
    And tell me those weren’t lies
    The time you told me you were at home... more »

  • That Little Kiss

    Maybe if I think about what I’ve just done
    Maybe I’ll see what I did wrong
    But the more I think
    The more I like... more »

  • The Friendship

    From the days we use to sit and class and laugh
    To the days we went to the water park
    Chloe Johnston you are my best friend
    From the days we argued... more »

  • The Secret Disease

    This secret spread like a disease
    In an innocent body
    She told me to keep it a secret
    But the best of me came out... more »

  • Where Did You Go?

    Where did you go?
    You are not who I met
    You are not the person I fell in love with... more »

  • Without You

    A moderation
    Full of lies and deceit
    This is where our world lies
    In the middle of it all... more »