• Cross-Eyed At Streetlights.

    Cross eyed at streetlights,
    Accidental smoke rings,
    silver coins filling pockets,
    whilst rosé tinted vision lines eye sockets,... more »

  • Operating On The Butcher.

    smashed bottle glass
    dead bodies, beneath the underpass
    a surgeon and a butcher
    kissing up against the wall... more »

  • The Love Of A Banshee.

    Ash is confetti on your funeral bed,
    The guilotine shall chop off the skeletons head,
    And around the casket dances a dozen banshees,
    Whilst your eyes rest where your rotten self will,... more »

  • Through Crowded Hordes Of Aphid.

    as one finds light, its shrowded by crowded hordes of aphid,
    and noone ever bothers to look, because they're all so languid,
    its rare to see anyone actually work, to get what theyve yielded,
    for behind the facade of mediocity theyre secreted,... more »

  • Vestal Virgin Priestess.

    You're a vestal virgin in a gold leaf chariot,
    front seats at the theatre, but you still act a harlot,
    and bold declarations you cry out in the dark,
    the pontifex has you by his grip, you're there stark,... more »