• Aura

    Dreams leave a warm glow in their wake -
    Sweet dreams of love that make me sigh -
    Like moonlight on a quiet lake... more »

  • Blueprint

    Your love should be a home where she
    Can always comfortably abide;
    Let her feel safe when by your side -
    Be a shield for her privacy.... more »

  • Clearing The Air

    Don't let desire's smoky haze
    Obscure devotion's crystal light;
    In giving her your glowing praise,
    Make every ardent line you write... more »

  • Color Me Hopeful

    A rainbow on a rainy day -
    That particolored arc on high,
    That shiny ribbon on the gray... more »

  • Devotion's Depiction

    If pen and ink were brush and paint
    And vowel sounds were shades and tints,
    If word pictures weren't so faint
    But radiant like fine art prints -... more »

  • From Flaring To Floating

    Passion is like an unquenchable fire,
    Especially when fueled by jealousy;
    And nothing burns like unfulfilled desire:
    Emotions singe when fierce and fiery.... more »

  • Market Report

    Investing so much time into a sonnet
    Yields no benefit financially;
    You'll never bring a dime in through a sonnet -
    People seldom pay for poetry.... more »

  • Seasonal Sonnet

    You're like the dawning of an autumn day
    That warms the heart although the air is cold;
    Your sweetness pours a honey-golden ray
    Of youthful spring into a year grown old.... more »