• *going To Hell

    too circumspect to genuflect
    a snide rebuttal of rituals
    the dope on the rope says the mob has no hope
    yet he feeds on the blood of heathens... more »

  • 4,5,6,7,8, Cynics Countdown

    Often the news gives me the blues
    I really ought to choose
    to simply refuse
    I mean really, what will I lose... more »

  • A Male's Misgivings

    I adore women
    I refuse to apologize for it
    I like the way their voices squeak in the upper registers
    I like the fashions... more »

  • A Prosodic Ode To Www, An Episodic Paean

    together we sit and scan through pages
    searching for knowledge of savants and sages
    apart by wires and spaces deemed cyber
    together in some places besotted by desires... more »

  • Abbreviated Life

    She'll sleep tight in a parallel universe tonight
    my deeply serious rainbow girl astral projects
    communes with Shiva and champions chakras
    she has the recipe for what passes as illumined... more »

  • Angst Of The Edge

    Some poets make lousy friends
    they'll eventually skewer you with their poison pen
    their insulting writ of relentless nasty venom
    like some twisted performance-art-form... more »

  • Bad Television

    once, I beat a television to death
    it was a very bad television, always showing me bad things
    almost as if it had some proclivity for badness
    but how can an inanimate thing have an inclination... more »

  • Bleakly Remembering

    The fallow flags lull in a languid sway at half-staff
    flaccid reminders for those who quickly forget
    limp in the wind as faint as that day
    commemoration of anniversaries' memorization's... more »

  • Bubble (W) Rap

    bubble thinking
    as in a cartoon
    hidden thoughts
    in a public room... more »

  • Destination Anhedonia

    I cannot recall the precise moment of my arrival at Anhedonia
    memories blindsided by a phantasmagoric comorbid collage of cant
    precipitated by some newspaper reportage or holocaust story
    some creepy instance that breached the precipice between simple sorrow and permanent melancholia... more »

  • Diatribe On War

    the soul never sleeps
    it see's adolescent behavior on a big scale
    once more the arms of war on sale
    I detest violence vehemently... more »

  • Eat Them

    I am one intense mo fo
    I startle myself sometimes
    plagued by a good memory
    not even Edison's medicine could short circuit this guy... more »

  • Forget

    I asked you not to phone
    I asked you to forget
    grievous to hear a voice so beset
    by lamenting longing for me... more »

  • Id-Side Out

    Does he see that he is friend and that he is foe
    The internal war of dichromatic dueling to be shown
    Does he see the lioness nary weeps as she stalks the gazelle to be torn
    The lioness whom by nature must prey and whose life shall also be shorn... more »

  • Lèse-Majesté

    your priggish mien is too obscene
    your loftiness bought with a spoon
    you believe you're great
    but really your fate... more »

  • Mental (St) Illness

    renegade memories
    relentless effrontery
    rogue fractured intruders
    a formulable formidable aside inside... more »

  • My Lady Doctor

    The most apparent thing
    in her story though unpronounced
    is as her life unfurled
    she very rarely smiled... more »

  • Not Funny

    I'm as clever as a bag of wet cats when it comes to jokes
    dumb as a stump
    thick as a brick, dense as a sack of hammers
    accurate as a spastic... more »

  • Phenomenal You

    Jupiter and the moon take most blows for us
    a very nice arrangement for blithering piles of pus
    intelligent design or some grand coincidence... more »

  • Popular Chat

    this morning I awoke to find little lettered squares imprinted across the side of my face,
    then didst I realize, that cyber space had finally done its number on me
    slither slather blither blather slobbering cyber chopper
    knee-jerk hackneyed pavlovian dog speak of impetuous heartlessness... more »

  • Quest For The Best

    In the quest for the best
    I was put to the test
    for the weary no rest
    It was just like I guessed... more »

  • Rodomontade

    posturing plentitude of platitudinous petulance
    the sulking face of the pride of disgrace
    pretentiousness replete, retorts repeated
    a compensatory litany of honesty forlorn... more »

  • Rush Et Al.

    So you think you are a master of techniques of persuasion?
    You shallow pips-squeak, mediocrity is your mastery
    the obsequious hoi polloi that surround you are the pitiable averageness of conciliation
    Sophistry and subterfuge are your game of compromised facts... more »

  • See C Saw

    ... more »

  • Something For Everyone

    there's this book, a manual, a guide for shrinks
    ostensibly it aids them in assessing how one thinks
    to my mind it contains something for everyone
    to be human is to invariably become undone... more »