• At The Living Creche

    A camel in the church yard on State
    walked around the fence toward our car
    (This is true! It really did happen... more »

  • Cashier's Dream; The Hunt

    At that moment, call it the float
    if you like, but the precise moment
    between your giving me the money
    and my giving you the merchandise,... more »

  • Mortals... Gods... Eh...

    Many people think that there is only one King,
    Who rules over all, everyone, everything.
    Well, I come here to tell you how
    That there are Gods that walk among us now!... more »

  • Prairie Fire

    Uncertain about the difference
    between his memory and the myth,
    the thing he'd been told and what he'd seen,... more »

  • Sea And Rain: Lake Michigan

    There is a dance at water's edge,
    a movement between the lake, its sand
    and the horizon where lake becomes cloud.... more »

  • Statue Of The Blind Girl

    She listens, not to the green world exploding
    around her, not to Vesuvius howling—
    the hour has come; of two working in the field
    one shall be taken; of two women grinding wheat... more »

  • The Day After An Ice Storm

    When it dawns crystalline, blue,
    the air sparkling with prisms
    reflected off oak and spruce,
    off every twig, branch, or limb,... more »

  • The Gardener Remembers

    The gardener sculpts the land
    to help us remember the names
    we’ve lost: wild ginger
    and false Solomon’s seal,... more »