• A Mermaid Questions God

    As a girl, she hated the grain of anything
    on her fins. Now she is part fire ant, part centipede.
    Where dunes stretch into pathways, arteries appear.
    Her blood pressure is temperature plus wind speed.... more »

  • In the 70's, I Confused Macram? and Macabre

    I wanted the macabre plant holder
    hanging in Janet and Chrissy's apartment.
    My friend said her cousin tried to kill himself... more »

  • Love Song to My Neighborhoods

    Sometimes I stroll through forests
    just sprayed for the gypsy moths. I throw a rock
    into the bushes to distract the hunters. Deer... more »

  • Neruda's Hat

    Neruda's Hat

    On a day when weather stole every breeze,
    Pablo told her he kept bits of his poems
    tucked behind the band in his hat.... more »

  • Of a Forgetful Sea

    Sometimes, I forget the sun
    sinking into ocean.

    Desert is only a handful of sand... more »

  • Snapshot of a Lump

    I imagine Nice and topless beaches,
    women smoking and reading novels in the sun.
    I pretend I am comfortable undressing
    in front of men who go home to their wives,... more »