• Do You Even Care

    I don't know how someone could be so cruel
    and use a person like they're just a tool
    Have you no conscience? Are you even aware
    Your words and your deeds cause me such despair?... more »

  • I Need You

    I need your love
    to keep me warm
    blazing within
    to protect me from storms... more »

  • In Silence

    I look in your eyes
    all I see is kindness and light
    your hands are so warm and rough
    your embrace so gentle and close... more »

  • Just One Kiss

    Don't come close to touch my skin
    for one stroke stirs me within
    a crucible of deep desire
    I try so hard to quench the fire.... more »

  • Love And Learn

    Oh my sweet love, I treasure you so
    With a love so deep you will never know
    but sometimes we argue, sometimes we fight
    we don't always know how to make things right.... more »

  • Meant To Be

    Once our love was strong,
    once you held me dear
    once you called my name
    longing for me near... more »

  • Never Spoken

    Never knew my heart could take so much pain
    but your bitter words wrap my soul in chains

    My courage no longer keeps me from hurt... more »

  • Once In A While

    Once in a while
    you come to my mind
    I think about the times we've had-
    dream about times that never were.... more »

  • Selfish Love

    Bittersweet kisses, secret lovemaking
    In this love there is no giving, just taking
    You look upon me with famished eyes
    And I can’t help but fantasize... more »

  • The Most Beautiful Thing

    Love is endless
    Love is blind
    Love is meek
    and love is kind... more »

  • You Are Not Mine

    How I long to touch your skin
    Feel your heart pulse from within
    Fingertips clutching your spine
    Although, my dear, you are not mine.... more »