• 'A Rose By Anyother Name'

    Look at me.
    You see yourself as a dandelion,
    one of many, and not at all special:
    Yet, still considered a flower by some.... more »

  • 'Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder'

    Time is our enemy…
    And it seems that she is a dark shade of jealous green.
    Dolling out our precious moments,
    like nothing I’ve ever seen.... more »

  • 'After You'Ve Gone...'

    After You've Gone'

    Lying in bed, thinking about you…alone, yet I feel your presence, warm and inviting…
    I feel a wanting inside, a desire I try to repress, and consciously clamp my legs together-... more »

  • 'Afterglow'

    Warm sunny days, cool spring breezes…
    Basking in the afterglow of your touch.
    Your big beautiful eyes searching
    Mine.... more »

  • 'Arab Spring الربيع العربي'

    As I set my mind to write
    about something I know not much of,
    for my writing thus far, has been about romance, passion,
    and love.... more »

  • 'As Passion Burns...'

    As passion burns, the electric energy between us
    Is felt by both.
    Finally, I feast my eyes upon you-
    In the flesh.... more »

  • 'Backroads'

    The darkness of predawn, how the cool wind bites my lips
    The stars winking at me, as my eyes adjust
    Feeling a slight numbness in my fingertips
    The drive in, filled with such solitude... more »

  • 'Be Careful What You Wish For...'

    “I believe death is the ultimate freedom…I’d rather just have my freedom as soon as I can get it…” –Jodi Arias

    You’re the center of attention, you’re the star of the show,
    Your lies may have fooled them, but in your eyes-... more »

  • 'Bouquet Of Flowers'

    “Bouquet of Flowers”

    The bouquet of flowers
    assume a lone place on the table,... more »

  • 'Breathing Fire'

    Smoking hot, flames spew from deep within
    Torched, scorched and smoldering fire…
    Your love burns me deep with desire.
    Dreams tempt me, yet it feels so real,... more »

  • 'Breathtaking...'

    I was watching the sunrise this morning...
    As the stars faded, the bright blue-orange glow filled me with warmth on this coldest of October mornings,
    and I felt part of something...
    The way the large late October moon faded below the mountains in the West...,... more »

  • 'Chasing Amy Winehouse'

    I’m cruisin’ down a desert dirt road,
    Thinkin’ of you... and
    Listenin’ to our playlist of songs.
    Regina Spektor pours her heart out,... more »

  • 'Christmas Magic'

    Driving the sixteen or so miles to town on Christmas Eve was a trip I hadn't planned on, for I was content drinking a glass of wine and watching the marathon of Hallmark Christmas movies and staying out of my wife's way, as she made the final preparations for Christmas dinner. She was knee-deep in Christmas cookie dough, batch after batch in and out of the oven.

    As I finished my glass of Blue Teal White Zinfandel, which coincidentally timed just right at the ending of 'November Christmas, ' one of my favorite Christmas movies about the spirit of giving, my wife Victoria, called to me.... more »

  • 'Clearly...An Addiction'

    Addiction... more »

  • 'Climbing Out Of The Abyss'

    An early morning sunrise,
    cathces me off-guard.
    The dawn of a new day,
    has significant meaning for me today.... more »

  • 'Cloud Nine'

    Oh, what fluffy cloud are you on, floating sky high... wonder what dreams may come,
    as I began to cry.
    And now the rain.
    I wish I was on cloud nine with you.... more »

  • 'Cold Desert Night'

    out in the cold desert night-
    A lone coyote calls out,
    breaking the stillness... more »

  • 'Daddy's Bottle'

    Sometimes, I feel like a mushroom- growing in a cow pie.
    A surprise awaits you, if you will,
    tonight's a good night to die-
    Young.... more »

  • 'Dance Of The Sunprincess'

    Oh such beauty cries, the sunprincess dances- naked, with the tree maidens,
    On such a beautiful, magical day... the sunprincess has come out to play.
    Oh bewitching one, why have you cast such a delightful spell?
    I am bedazzled, frazzeled, and a bit perplexed,... more »

  • 'Dance On Fire'

    The joint is packed, wall to wall
    With sweat-soaked bodies,
    And the music is so loud…
    That words cannot be spoken.... more »

  • 'Dancing Girls'

    The eternal war
    Of sea against shore,
    Raged on-
    Holding no quarter.... more »

  • 'Dark Eyes'

    Beauty throughout, beauty within-
    Your beauty is unique, and lies deeper than skin.
    Physicaqlly, your beauty is stunning, and that's no surprise,
    but your most beautiful feature... Are those big, deep, dark, brown eyes.... more »

  • 'Demure'

    Chastise me. Punish me if you will-
    Demure eyes peeking through, soft politeness-
    Knowing eyes, that whisper silently-... more »

  • 'Domino'

    The way you touched me,
    The way you touched everybody-
    Was like a domino effect.
    The way you loved, the way you laughed, the way you lived-... more »

  • 'Ego'

    My words this time, are from the hip,
    Emotions felt, my ego stripped.
    Realizing now, the pain I've caused, the heart's I've broke,
    Are serious and real, not some joke.... more »