• Fear Has Limits

    The fear of a world ending
    Comes with the thoughts of new beginnings,
    For a friendship to begin,
    One must be put to an end,... more »

  • Moody

    I think I’m bi-polar and it makes me crack up,
    First I get angry and yell, “Shut up! ”
    Then I cry and start to feel bad,
    “I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I’m so mad.”... more »

  • Ode To Thy Bra

    A cradle of support.
    A band that withhold insecurity.
    Hiding under layers of protection.
    Provide comfort with secret care.... more »

  • Side Order Of Life

    The way the sun flirts with the moon,
    Following its path with out hesitation.
    The way the moon teases the sun,
    Threatening to undo hours of work... more »

  • Singing Sensation

    The Lights Dim
    Day brightens,
    Sense of being
    Begins to heighten.... more »

  • Stereotypically Corrupt

    Speak but go unheard,
    Listen but do not hear.
    Spear a tear for sadness,
    Cringe and cower in fear.... more »

  • Time Does Not Heal All

    Inattentive to the mind,
    Ignorant to the heat.
    Is it a surprise,
    That we grew apart?... more »

  • What Kind Of Addiction Is Your Addiction?

    Those who seek out more than they should get,
    Are the ones who are left with nothing to miss but more to regret,
    To realize that you have less than you deserve.
    Exsits a limit to when the realization is allowed to occur.... more »