Kellys Knockout Biography

Um, well, I've been writing poems since I was 13. Back then, they all were really demented and suicidal; Depressing Sh**! But now that I'm an adult, my poetry is more positive. But for some reason, I still think I wrote better ones when I was a teenager. Now its hard to come up with ideas on what to write and how to say it. I've read ALOT of really, really great ones on here though and that's half the reason I decided to become a member. The other part of my reason was for submitting my best friend Jeremy Matttinson's poetry. I am doing it for him being that he died on October 26th 2010 from a heroin overdose. He died 5 days before his 36th birthday. So, here's to Jer Ber and his memory and also here's to me and getting back into my poetry again!