• **for To Go**

    See those bright colors,
    Way up over there.
    I see them everywhere,
    I can't get away.... more »

  • **going Places**

    My mind seems to wonder,
    But I don't know why.
    How am I to solve it,
    This little problem I have?... more »

  • **notice**

    I'm over here,
    But you look over there.
    I now have a fear,
    That just rips and tears.... more »

  • **one Question**

    Do you care?
    Do you care about your friends?
    Do you care at all?
    That's what's been going through my head.... more »

  • **remembrance**

    We'll always remember the laughter you brought,
    We'll always remember the tears you shed.
    We'll never forget the tears we shed over you,
    We'll never forget the memories we have of you.... more »

  • Captain Obvious

    Why do you stand there?
    You just stand there like you know everything.
    But, why is it you do that?
    You don't act as if you do.... more »

  • Never Knowing

    Why did you bother,
    To change yourself the way you did?
    No one had noticed,
    Except the ones closet to you.... more »

  • You Need To Know

    It seems to late in life to know,
    The one true thing that you should know.
    It may sound weird for you to hear,
    But it's the one thing you need to hear.... more »