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Love Is Not What Breaks The Heart

Love is accused of much pain,
But it is not the true culprit,
For the true causer has many disguises,
Such as jealousy, hatred, and spite,... more »

Our Love

I see you again finally I’ve longed for this day,
I’ve never loved anyone or anything this way,
I know you hurt me but that’s the past,
But now you’re here and those meories fade fast,... more »

My Someone

Looking into your eyes I could loose myself for days,
I love you so very much and in so many ways,
You listen to my problems and you’re always there for me,
You’re perfect in every way and you make me feel so free,... more »

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Thomas Dubois 10 May 2005 09:24
I've read a few of your peoms and i love your writing style. I get what you are trying to say and i look forward to finding more of your poems