• I Love You

    Loving and caring
    Worried and bothered
    Hoping and praying
    Scared and confused... more »

  • I Loved Him

    I love him
    But so does she
    And now he's in between
    She said she was my best friend *itch please... more »

  • Memories Cause My Tears

    Crying and dancing
    Watched and looked
    Seeing and believing
    Lost and scared... more »

  • This Is True

    Sitting in the corner
    Thinking about you
    Wondering why your with her
    Why did I think your words were true?... more »

  • Together? Never?

    Running by night
    Sleeping by day
    Dreams are oh-so terrible frights
    Seeing the tragic day we laid in the hay... more »

  • Waiting For You To Call

    Finding hope for myself
    Only that I could be yours
    Wishing that you would look inside yourself
    Thinking of what we could call ours... more »

  • Why Are You

    Why are you so beautiful
    Why are you the one
    Why are you the soul
    Why are you so fun... more »

  • Your Kiss

    Simple I say
    Your the best
    Just when you walk my way
    Your kiss has the best taste... more »