Born and raised in Miami. Still live here love the beach! ! ! Although life has brought good and bad times, i still manage to find a place to smile.
I have two beautiful boys, to which i am a single mother.
I went to school and completed for a diploma in surgical technology. and am currently going to school online for a BA in Healthcare Administration.
Life may not have given me my high school dreams but I'm still enjoying the ride!


Kendra Evans Poems

Mom's Weekend

Ahh! The smell of french vanilla in the morning!
Peace and quiet!
The house is clean, so I'll listen to some old school or jazz!
ooooh yea!... more »


I'd rather be called Beautiful than sexy
because i know that you are looking at more than my seductive smile,
more than the thickness of my thighs,
more than the curve of my hips,
more than plumpness of my breast,
and much more than the fullness of my lips!... more »

Don'T Light The Fire

I'm trying not to get mad
Mama says anger on fuels ignorance
Don't light the fire she says
But I've never been so tired... more »

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