• A New Day

    Today is a new day
    im not so depressed
    im actually happy
    today is a new day... more »

  • Alone Again

    why did you leave meh in this dark place alone
    i know it was hard and i feel the same
    the tears running down my cheeks are saying im the blame
    i sit here every night wondering where u are... more »

  • Babe Listen

    when i say i love you know its true
    i care alot for you
    i try to always make you happy
    i let u know i care... more »

  • Beggining Of The End

    Running the race before time runs out
    my thoughts of you slow meh down
    but i dont mind cuz i want u around
    yes life iz though but i get by... more »

  • Black Rose

    6 feet under there i am
    people morn over me
    i try to tell them not to cry
    they place a rose on my grave... more »

  • Bunny Poem Random: D

    i see a bunny as he runs by i think to myself i hope you die
    i smile and laugh at my own little joke
    i just keep thinking i hope you choke
    for todays the day I don’t care... more »

  • Convo About Feelings

    ... more »

  • Done?

    Leave me here with my black broken heart
    forget me now but will never be apart
    i loved you and you stabed me in the back
    but i still love you and i want you back... more »

  • Dying Inside

    when i think about ur love
    i feel so heartless
    i know i cant have u yet i try so hard
    i can see in your eyes you have no love... more »

  • From First To Last

    Our time is here out time is now,
    From life to death,
    Were here till the end,
    we got birth we get death... more »

  • Heart On A String

    You like to play with my heart
    its like you keep ripping it out and putting it back
    my heart is here on a string
    dangling and i keep letting it blead... more »

  • Here Or There?

    i can not get u off meh mind
    your in my heart forever
    i do not lie about u and i
    i will love you always... more »

  • How? Why? Who Really Knows?

    Why is it i cry?
    Why is it i hate you with a passion?
    Why could i kill myself at the thought of you?
    F*ck me love me hate me kill me screw me blow me.... more »

  • In Doubt Is My Happiness

    This Day So sad That I Cry
    Your So Happy But Why?
    Thoughts Growing Strong
    I Wonder What Went Wrong... more »

  • Is This Real?

    Time is passing can this be real?
    I feel oh so fuking ill
    A bullet to the head
    A stab in the chest... more »

  • Knife Called Lust

    i think of all that i have done
    the lust of love i think so dear
    i cry upon the clear fall
    i get up ask whos there... more »

  • Love Iz A Lie

    Love is a lie as life runs by
    threw the years we get torn
    i cant stand the thought of loosing you
    i can see meh self alone with no where to go... more »

  • Love Or Hate?

    you love meh once
    you hate me twice
    so fuk it just roll the dice
    im here for now... more »

  • Me And You

    ull always be on my mind
    even in the end of time
    so lift me up when i am down
    i do not want to see a frown... more »

  • My Cuts

    With the razor kissed wrists
    this is my bright red scream
    as I press down harder blood begins to surface
    I convince myself 'you don't feel pain, forget it, it's worth it'... more »

  • My Friends Poem

    Hold me tight, hold me right
    Don’t let me go, cause ill let you know
    I love you even more then ever
    We could be in heaven together... more »

  • My Heart

    ... more »

  • My Last Thoughts

    when i feel scared of u i know theres something wrong
    when im happy with u i dont really know if im happy
    when im sad around u your never there
    i cry at thoughts of dying... more »

  • My Love For You

    Everytime i talk to you my heart pounds
    Thoughs of you make me weak
    I gasp for air when i call your name
    Missing you is what i do best... more »

  • Never Cared.....

    if one night passed and we laughed
    what if i cryed and you lied
    we would fight i would scream
    you and me were ment to be... more »