• One

    One time to many,
    One cut to deep,
    Three times the pressure,
    One shot to kill,... more »

  • Our Love

    Loves memory has traced our outline in this place.
    But will the spider remember, or the sun?
    Did the water capture our faces in permanence?
    Does the wind create us anew as it blows?... more »

  • Over

    I Try my hardest just to be with you
    But you just see right threw
    You Want me To change for your perfection
    But why cant you just except me... more »

  • Random

    sometimes i am random
    other times i am pissy
    i hate to think of what i do to you
    but cant help to wonder if u think of me too... more »

  • Reason

    I have a reason i do what i do.
    I do it because you push me to be perfect.
    there iz ne me there iz no u.
    In my world i am only as perfect as i can get right now.... more »

  • Reflection (Look At Me Am I What You Want) ?

    ... more »

  • Scars

    have you ever thought to look?
    as my wrist bleed u know nothing.
    an i cry u smile and laugh.
    i lay dying and all you can say is why?... more »

  • Semi Happy

    today was the day
    today was the time that i felt semi happy
    today i feel like dying
    today i feel like smiling... more »

  • Snow In The Dark

    I freaking hate snow
    its to bright
    i like the darkness
    kinda like my heart... more »

  • So What?

    what would u do if i wasnt here?
    would you cry or would you even care?
    as i lay in a deep sleep never to awake
    do u think of me how i was or how i look now?... more »

  • Take It?

    I cant describe how i feel
    i know i love you and its real
    i think about you day and night
    i just hope we never fight... more »

  • Take My Love

    Hes the reason i awake
    id give my soul for him to take
    for what its worth i do care
    no need to worry i am there... more »

  • Take This My Last Breath

    This Knife So Dull My Blood Runs Black
    Tonights The Night I Dont Wanna Look Back
    Upon My Wrists There lay A Picture
    Perfect Lines All In A Row... more »

  • The Day....

    See this purple
    See this blue
    From left to right
    I see light... more »

  • Thinking About U

    i think about you
    the love i do chase
    i long 2 see ur shining face
    2 feel ur soft embrace... more »

  • This Thing Called Life

    Life sucks.
    Life is great.
    Life is like a roller coster.
    life has love.... more »

  • Thoughts

    have u ever wondered what its like to be someone else?
    well i have in some ways good in others bad....
    timeing is all there.
    it could help but then again you never know they could have it much worse then you.... more »

  • Time

    as time flys we change
    as we grow older we smarter
    when time passes i watch the clock
    i think about 10 years from now... more »

  • Time Stand Still

    my heart is racing but time stands still
    it seems nothing else matters since were both here
    frozen in time i say i love you
    my heart just pounds as you say it back... more »

  • Today's Tomorrow

    ... more »

  • Tonight

    i sware to god this ends tonight
    no it wont ill put up a fight
    just for u ill say calm
    and think about what went wrong... more »

  • Ugly

    ... more »

  • Untitled

    The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone
    I cry for the time that you were almost mine, I cry for the memories I've left behind, I cry for the pain, the lost, the old the new, I cry for the times I thought I had you
    Not all scars show, not all wounds heal Sometimes you can't always see The pain someone feels
    Whats the sense of wishing for something when I always just wish it away?... more »

  • What Are You Waiting For?

    ive thought alot about where ill go
    i kinda gave up after no one knew
    for now ill just sit here and think of u
    i weep and wallow in self pitty... more »

  • What The Hell?

    what the hell iz wrong with the world today?
    people go by looks and not personality.
    Inside me iz a awesome person that no one knows.
    i know people look at me and say ew or sometimes maybe worse.... more »