there is not alot to say except im weird, funny, trust worhty, and really sweet....i dont judge people im bi so i really dont have a right to judge....u want to know anything else then ask! ! ! !


kendra swan Poems

Broken Inside

i seem happy but deep down i'm broken inside.
i don't try to show it because no ONE knows how i feel inside.
and i can't express the way i feel.
in some words i can like: lost, careless, and confused... more »

Awake Again

I'm not sure what it is but something about you changes me.
Something about you brings out a part of me i lost to depression.
My smiles are real again.
My laughs have purpose yet again.... more »

All Alone

I'm surrounded by people but yet i'm all alone.
People talk to me but i'm only half their friend.
I'm being suffocated by my lonliness and i'm scared
to death that the emptyness will engulf me.... more »

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