• All Alone

    I'm surrounded by people but yet i'm all alone.
    People talk to me but i'm only half their friend.
    I'm being suffocated by my lonliness and i'm scared
    to death that the emptyness will engulf me.... more »

  • All I See In Him

    All i see in him is hope, fear, regret, and pain.
    I caused him pain when i left.
    He regrets causing me to leave,
    But he hopes i will forgive him.... more »

  • Awake Again

    I'm not sure what it is but something about you changes me.
    Something about you brings out a part of me i lost to depression.
    My smiles are real again.
    My laughs have purpose yet again.... more »

  • Broken Inside

    i seem happy but deep down i'm broken inside.
    i don't try to show it because no ONE knows how i feel inside.
    and i can't express the way i feel.
    in some words i can like: lost, careless, and confused... more »

  • Do You Even Know?

    You know that i'm crazy about you.
    But did you know,
    When you look at me my legs get weak.
    When you smile at me my heart races.... more »

  • Heart Ache

    Its amazing how one person can destroy you with one word.
    Thats all it takes.
    My heart aches.... more »

  • Hole In My Heart

    emptiness. sadness. anger. betrayal.
    these are the only four things i feel.
    i've longed to have a hour with my family. just up.
    siting. talking. laughing. no i cant crack now.... more »

  • I Still Care

    I have to say one last thing before i go,
    I still care.
    I can't stop thinking bout you.
    I worry bout you non stop.... more »

  • I'M Here For You

    I think about you all the time.
    You are never off my mind.
    All you have to do is call my
    my name and i'll be there for... more »

  • Love Struck

    i haven't seen him in a while.
    AND yet he comes up to me at school and talks to me all
    i can do is smile like a fool... more »

  • My Ode To Camp Aldersgate

    Six days of peaceful bliss,
    In amazing Camp Aldersgate.
    Sundays on Mondays are sweeter than a kiss,
    Will put you in a coma induced state.... more »

  • My Past Is Living Torture

    Everyday there's pain in my chest.
    Remembering that i hurt you.
    You say that you know that im sorry.
    You dont.... more »

  • My.....

    My voice shouts for you...
    You answer my call...
    My arms reach out for you...
    You take me in your embrace...... more »

  • Nature

    My family is nature.
    My mother is the sun, her wisdom shines bright through the darkest days.
    My father is the trees, lending strength and protection when we are weak and vulnerable.
    My sister Kassie is a single rose, she has qualities of other family but proves she is independent.... more »

  • Ode To My Dalton

    Dalton, your as sweet as can be.
    You take all the sadness away.
    You wouldn't hurt me, as far as I can see.... more »

  • Ode To My Love

    How can you make me feel this way
    You make me crazy
    I search for you every day
    The hours i spend away from you are hazy... more »

  • Once Upon A Time

    I used to see school as a sanctuary.
    A place where things could distract me.
    But not anymore.
    Now it feeds the darkness inside me.... more »

  • Our Love

    Our love will last through the hate.
    Some may say that us finding each other so early is luck but i say its fate.

    You are now my heartbeat, without you i'm as good as dead.... more »

  • Rain

    Rain causes alot of different moods.
    On some days im happy that it rained because its so hot.
    some days it makes me mad because it cancels my plans.
    other days it makes me scared because it rains so hard.... more »

  • Reality

    There i lie in the darkest corner of my mind.....
    hoping wishing this was all a dream but its reality....
    being made fun of for who u are is reality....
    being judged is reality....... more »

  • Reality Is

    Reality is that the world is cruel.
    Reality is that love is hard.
    Reality is that no matter what u say or do someone will stand in your way.
    Reality is life.... more »

  • Slowly Torn Apart

    This constant throbbing in my heart will not go
    away even wen im not talkin/thinkin bout her.
    It will not stop.
    its slowly being torn out of me.... more »

  • Week End

    When i'm in school i dont want the weekend to come.
    Then in a blink of an eye its here.
    I love going against my parents on the wii.
    i have stuff to do but im always bored without a friend there.... more »

  • You Complete Me

    When you are around me i can't help but to smile.
    The thought of you sends a jolt of faith, hope, love, and joy
    throughout my heart.
    Hope and faith that someday we can be together again.... more »

  • You Saved Me....

    I walked down a endless black tunnel.
    I gave up hope and I gave up looking.
    I wasn't truly happy.
    I wore fake smiles.... more »