• A Lizard On The Moon

    It's a beautiful day in June,
    And there's a lizard on the moon.
    Music sails o'er the skies,
    As the dream swirls in my eyes.... more »

  • A Night In Nigeria

    Blue, black, and a little of green,
    Colors I see, mixed in the night sky.
    Stained with white clouds that seem to glow
    But sure sparkles the stars tis sprinkled with... more »

  • A Wasted Thursday

    The flooded path to my dreams I trod
    Of blissful fantasies I can afford
    At last,
    A refuse of dreams where I dump faith,... more »

  • All The Mistakes (One Life Can Take)

    You wouldn't imagine they flash this bright
    I raise an arm to my brow again.
    But barely do they bring the least delight
    They stab your bones till U feel the pain... more »

  • Beautiful Darkness In Her Eyes

    Beautiful darkness in her eyes,
    Black they are, in all it's shades.
    They hold the promise of paradise
    But give my heart the torment of hades.... more »

  • Blue Paradise

    No dove, No voice
    Just an indifferent John
    No love, no choice
    Or the cries of a stillborn... more »

  • Broken Nights

    Broken nights, and shattered daylight
    A dream stole my heart, while toddler's feet wobbled,
    Now trapped in a world I dont understand
    That laughs when I say my mind is troubled... more »

  • Dance In Your Dreams

    The gold in your eyes, the silver in your voice, all glimmer
    But what I can do to you girl, would make the stars grow dimmer,
    Ah-ah! Save me that sweet smile, twill last me a another mile
    Till I sing the song that resonates in your brain,... more »

  • Hearts Of A Frozen Love

    I know you hate me now
    And I know that is not true
    All that I ever wanted
    Was just to be with you... more »

  • Ready To Learn

    Here are my dreams
    In colors, not in black and white
    I wouldn't let you see my fears though
    Cause somewhat I think, I got inside... more »

  • Regret, In Still Flow

    I know a dream of time travels
    Standing on a beach,
    Awaiting the shores to meet
    Ruined by both regret and destruction... more »

  • Silent Pride

    I could scream your name atop the tower,
    And throw down my gauntlet at your foot.
    But would rather
    Have you envision I cower,... more »

  • Sleepy Thoughts

    Sleepy thought dance across the sky
    Rays from the stars rest on my palm
    Sanguine flow along with a voiceless cry
    and shivering flames that inspires calm... more »

  • The Goddess Of Light

    What pleasant brilliance my eyes behold!
    Wavelenghts of light beyond my threshold
    Electron light my heart excites
    Into daydreams and insomnia nights... more »

  • The Trail Of Rose Petals

    The fog restricts the hills is my view
    As some stubborn sun rays try to leap over
    The grass beneath my feet is lush with dew,
    And my fears begin to take cover... more »