• Glass Wall

    Silenced behind a wall of glass,
    You can see me, but hear not a sound,
    You watch me cry tears and watch me break in two
    But not a sound meets your ears-... more »

  • I Won'T Fall

    As much as I want to,
    I shall not fall,
    I will be strong,
    I will hold my own,... more »

  • Life Starts Now

    Being nervous and anxious to me,
    Is a terrible place to be,
    Thinking about what to do, to try, and mold
    Thinking about the future and what it may hold... more »

  • Remember What You Love

    I miss the smell of sugar spice
    And the feeling of warmth always felt so nice
    I miss the smell of christmas the filled the air
    It made me wish you would always be there... more »

  • Surrounded

    I’m surrounded,
    Not a thing I can see nor hear,
    Surrounded, and I don’t know why,
    All I want is to know I’m not alone,... more »

  • Trapped

    Trapped inside myself
    No way for me to escape
    No one to help me
    No where for me to go... more »

  • Won'T Let Go

    I blamed you for everytime I would cry
    A new day sit and think about your new lie
    But the real truth is, I won’t let go
    Of everything I already know... more »