Kenneth Maswabi 14 November 1977

I am in a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. My pen is my walking stick and my studio is my inner silence (heart) . Ever since I can remember I have always been a quiet and humble human being. In this quietness, I became aware of the silence within and in this silence i became aware of my emptiness. In my emptiness, I was liberated from ego, I am now fully in Love. I am a Lover. My life is a mystery and I don’t know my destination. In this mystery, life is unfolded in pages and pages of poetry.


Quotes (3)

The dreams in a shadow are a reflection of the illusion that is life
Nothing in life is what it appears to be
the light hides shadows of ghosts from our eyes and darkness hides ghosts from our eyes.
there is bad lurking in both goodness and badness.
the shadow of silence is emptiness
It is important to keep silent at times but don't embrace the emptiness that follows long spells of silence

Comments (10)

Dear Lyn's much a pleasure to read your kind comments. I am forever humbled and inspired by your beautiful words. Thank you very much. Best regards,
I have just read Kenneth's (Dr Ken's) " Spiritual Path" A much needed read for the world. With the Covid 19 and A blind president who has caused 4 years of terror. The world has now woken to so much. Thank You Kenneth for I have read your work over the years and your words are trying desperately to " Peace " (piece) us all as one. There is hope!
Very talented poet...God bless you... Thanks///////