• "I Am Who I Am." (Yahweh)

    Many are confused
    When God calls Himself "I AM WHO I AM"
    Bewildered by His peculiar name
    They have so many questions... more »

  • 100% Genuine

    I am 100% genuine
    authenticated by God
    and validated by doctors
    with their DNA tests... more »

  • 2015

    welcome 2015
    with your truckload of fortunes
    and your heart full of love
    we thank you for your generosity... more »

  • A Bag Of Ideas

    I’m looking for a fertile ground
    With an abundance of investors
    And oversized bags of support
    To plant my ideas... more »

  • A Beautiful Heart

    It's not the strength of the heart beat
    Or the size of the chest
    It's the beauty of the spirit
    That dwells in this heart... more »

  • A Beautiful Moment

    I spent a day in a beautiful moment
    I was dressed in nectar and honey
    I was the supreme overlord of Love
    I was the magnificent flower... more »

  • A Brand New Day Has Begun

    Washing your face with sunlight
    Soaking your heart in the morning warmness
    Exposing the bliss in your spirit
    A brand new day has begun... more »

  • A Brief Statement About Love

    Love is an activity
    Just like a hobby
    It requires commitment
    Just like a breath... more »

  • A Conversation About Love

    Love is never too sharp
    To cut through your heart
    To cause your heart to break
    To fill you with sorrow... more »

  • A Cup Of Knowledge

    Pour a cupful of great teachings and a lovely environment
    Add 3 spoons of pure concentration
    Add 2 spoons of great memory
    Stir for 2 seconds... more »

  • A Delicious Meal

    In the kitchen of life
    It's hard to cook a delicious meal
    A meal made of romance, ecstasy and orgasms
    A meal served on velvet sheets and a bed of roses... more »

  • A Dreamer's Dream

    inside my dream
    where shadows are full of light
    and darkness is encrusted in gold
    success is abundant... more »

  • A Dreamer's Dream Unveiled

    A dreamer's dream

    A dream with no boundaries
    Exist inside my mind... more »

  • A Few Words

    It takes a few words
    To unbutton the secrets of life
    Yet those words stay hidden
    In the firmament of our psyche... more »

  • A Fragile Accord

    Life gives us an umbilical cord
    Feeding us from our mother’s womb
    Until the day we are born
    When the cord is cut... more »

  • A Fragile Mindset

    The youth of today
    With their know-all attitude
    Expensive gadgets
    And an envelope of worthless certificates... more »

  • A Friend

    A friend is a magical gift
    A wonderful wand of goodwill
    A beautiful flower full of nectar
    A companion sent from heaven... more »

  • A Friend Of Hers

    Someone who closes the door to her heart
    When storms are overpowering her
    Shutting all windows
    Inside her fragile spirit... more »

  • A Futile War

    It was a futile war
    Led by raging emotions
    In the absence of logic
    Violence the only answer... more »

  • A Ghost In Need Of A Resting Place

    Shells of my lost memories
    Linger inside my empty hands
    Sorrow left empty burrows inside my heart
    All my tears consumed by an unforgiving world of pain... more »

  • A Gift

    It is not common to be given a gift
    It is not uncommon to accept a gift with the greatest joy
    It is totally normal to hope for a gift
    It is in our nature to be pleased by a kind gesture... more »

  • A Global Fever

    Fear was never meant to be a disease
    No antibiotic can address this illness
    No psychotherapist is ready to undress this monster
    Fear is a protruding force in today's global village... more »

  • A Global Village

    Capitalists built a web of business connections between nations
    In their search for lucrative business deals
    Constructing a global theatre of business monopolies
    A global business market was sculpted... more »

  • A Good Night Sleep

    A beautiful time
    Spent inside the room of unconsciousness
    All lights are switched off
    And loss of control is embraced... more »

  • A Graveyard Of Frozen Love

    The frozen shadow of my mind
    Stuck in a hopeless moment
    Unable to let go
    That dry piece of hope... more »