• A Hug

    A simple human expression
    Loaded with bullets of love
    A reflex human engagement
    Fired by love... more »

  • A Journey Of Life

    A journey of a billion seconds
    A billion heart beats and more
    A billion foot steps and counting
    A billion stars far above the sky... more »

  • A Lampoon Of Errors

    It is human to err
    In all faculties of life
    Errors are made
    And deleted with ease... more »

  • A Lesson Of Love

    Forget mathematics
    Love does not calculate the blush or the crush densities
    Nor subtract the perspiration and indecisiveness volume
    Love does not add amount of courage multiplied by the effort... more »

  • A Letter To The Wealthy

    Hope this letter finds you seated
    In your cosy little world
    Where mere mortals are forbidden
    And life is a pleasant dream... more »

  • A Letter To You

    In my moment of despair
    I saw you running away
    In my moment of joy
    I saw you embracing my being... more »

  • A Life Under The Carpet

    Swept under the shadows of civilization
    Africa lies frozen under the carpet of injustice
    Shedding cold tears of abandonment
    Africa reels under the weight of the world... more »

  • A Lion’s Roar

    The confluence of power
    Brutally magnified
    In a lion’s roar... more »

  • A Lonely Walk

    The moon walks alone
    Among the scary dark clouds
    Her bright frightened eyes ablaze
    Illuminating her torturous journey of love... more »

  • A Mathematical Illusion

    Love is a mathematical illusion
    A ghost inside the labyrinth of Science
    A psychiatrist's dilemma
    A medical anomaly... more »

  • A Message In A Bottle

    Here is a thousand memories
    Wrapped inside an old bottle
    I have been lost for so long
    Out there in the vastness of the ocean... more »

  • A New Breed Of Generals

    A new breed of men (and women)were born
    A battalion of reason and progress was deployed
    An army of true soldiers were at work
    In the heart of Zimbabwe... more »

  • A New Breed Of Human Beings

    They came with bulldozers
    And decapitated my community
    Tearing the social safety nets
    And the ancient bonds that withstood the test of time... more »

  • A New Chapter Of Violence

    A documentary of pure evil
    Is manifested on the world stage
    Targeting the innocent
    A new chapter of blood shed... more »

  • A New Dawn Has Began

    The terrible years are over
    Persistence has given birth
    To a bubbly healthy baby called Fortune
    Who Arrived just in the nick of time... more »

  • A New Humanity

    Deep inside the river of consciousness
    Beautiful pearls are being created
    Beyond the imagination of men (and women)
    Life is being re-configured and refined... more »

  • A Note To The Self

    Regardless of the hopelessness
    Do not move from the center of your being
    Hold your face high inside the temple of existence
    Do not be tempted by gold encrusted buckets of lies... more »

  • A Pause In Turmoil

    Across the sea of turmoil
    When hope is dim
    Life, a stinking pile of mess
    The glow of the sun gone... more »

  • A Pilgrimage Of Love

    I am going to a faraway place
    In search of dreams and visions
    A pilgrimage of Love
    I have to skip the reality show today... more »

  • A Poem Is A Precious Spell

    Poetry is medicine
    Not a hallucinogenic beverage
    Concocted in the heart
    It's a mixture of silence, intuition, tears and ecstasy... more »

  • A Poet Versus A Scientist

    A poet is a slave to the waves of consciousness
    Calibrating his/her thoughts to match those of eternity
    Poetry is revealed when the equilibrium is reached
    The mystical world of the mind is unveiled by the silent mind... more »

  • A Reality Within

    Breathing is not just for the lungs
    Eating is not just for the mouth
    Smelling is not just for the nose
    Looking is not just for the eyes... more »

  • A Request

    She made a request to her Lover
    For him to love her with all his heart
    To hold her in the warmth of her Soul
    To fill her with laughter... more »

  • A Scientific Dilemma

    Science hops from one molecule to another
    Searching for the substance of consciousness
    Science looks from microscope to telescope
    Searching for the evidence of consciousness... more »

  • A Seeker's Dream

    A Seeker's dream

    A seeker journeys on a lonely path
    Under the envelope of silence... more »