• A Seeker's Eye

    Enveloped in mystery
    Its structure is shrouded in mystical realities
    Its existence is a secret beyond madness
    The seeker's eye wanders beyond this reality... more »

  • A Short Documentary Of Love

    Somewhere in the land of love
    Lovebirds dance the tango
    Nestled in their king sized beds
    Smooching is their way of life... more »

  • A Silent Spell

    My head went silent
    An emptiness swallowed my thoughts
    I was numb to any emotional prick
    I couldn't feel my state of being... more »

  • A Sip Of Silence

    To all with ears, listen
    Silence is the nectar
    The Soul is the hummingbird
    And you are the flower... more »

  • A Smile

    The heart cannot stop a genuine smile
    From escaping the inner chamber of secrets
    With a load full of goodies
    A smile brings happiness... more »

  • A Smile Is A Window To The Soul

    Constructed with the best of emotions
    A smile offers a beautiful view of the Soul
    Openly displaying the glitter and glamour
    A smile rebukes any trace of ugliness... more »

  • A Spy

    The shadows are for spies
    Their ghostly entrance unknown
    Arousing no suspicion
    With their kindly gestures... more »

  • A State Of Being

    In the turbulence of our consciousness
    Our volcanic mind gives birth to uncertainty
    Uncertainty gives birth to Hope
    Hope gives birth to Faith... more »

  • A Thin Veil Of Unawareness Is The Distance Between Love

    Separated by a gigantic piece of unawareness
    I could only feel her presence
    Entangled in my thoughts
    She was a whisper of fresh air... more »

  • A Thread Of Creation

    I am tempted to expose the hidden secret
    Because the curtain of my blindness has been lifted
    And the mysterious power of the spirit is within me
    Uplifting me to the highest peak of my being... more »

  • A Valuable Lesson

    For too long
    We valued money more than anything
    Even more than time or education
    We placed the value of money beyond ourselves... more »

  • A Wonderful Existence

    In the realm of the spirit
    Stillness is a wonderful tool
    To harness the power of the Creator
    To unveil the spirit of Love... more »

  • Absent

    The cold wind of life enveloped her life
    Casting a spell onto her face
    And she was defaced
    She could not see... more »

  • Absent Minded

    I deserted my post
    Left my tired eyes on the table
    My pen and my mind on the bench
    My passion hanging inside my mindless head... more »

  • Abundance

    What is abundance?
    If your heart is empty
    Lacking in warmth
    Not punctured by laughter... more »

  • Accused

    I have been accused
    Of lacking emotions
    Yet I hold a sky full of tears
    A vein full of sorrow... more »

  • Across The Bridge Of Love

    There is a bridge
    A bridge of Love
    On one side
    Love is full of conditions... more »

  • Addendum

    I am re-writing the president's speech
    I am re-articulating the layman's pain
    I am re-affirming the poor man's hope
    I am re-introducing the common path... more »

  • Addicted To Scribbling

    This is not a known disease
    Or a new drug of abuse
    This is insanity
    That has been poured onto my being... more »

  • African Child

    A system has been constructed
    Under your feet and over your head
    To oppress and deny you the fruits of life
    To undress you and bake you in the oven of life... more »

  • African Girl Child

    You rose up from the shackles of history
    And represented yourselves
    In the classroom of today's most successful human beings
    Against all odds, you succeeded... more »

  • Africanitis

    A dreaded disease
    Ravages across Africa
    Bringing the continent to its knees
    Whole nations are capitulating... more »

  • Afrika

    The sacred grounds of the gods
    The temple of humanity
    Screams in pain
    Tears of the sun... more »

  • Age Is More Than A Page Number…it's A Poetry Book

    It's often said
    In romantic tones
    "Age is nothing but a number"
    Like selling cheap wine... more »

  • Aggressive Thoughts (Negative Thoughts)

    Reckless and scandalous
    Violently attaching their ferocious claws to the mind
    Aggressive thoughts come to destroy and punish
    And to pursue their evil agenda... more »