Kenneth Maswabi Quotes

The dreams in a shadow are a reflection of the illusion that is life
Nothing in life is what it appears to be
the light hides shadows of ghosts from our eyes and darkness hides ghosts from our eyes.
there is bad lurking in both goodness and badness.
the shadow of silence is emptiness
It is important to keep silent at times but don't embrace the emptiness that follows long spells of silence
Reveal no secrets and die a spy
Remain true to yourself no matter the circumstances
The future is in our heads
Everything that is to come in the future start as ideas
Dreams make up half my thoughts and the rest is love.
i am satisfied by my brain doing two things only: dreaming and loving...the rest will come as a bonus.
Secrets do not taste good in sunlight secrets are best left in the dark(secrets)
secrets are secrets...not meant to be revealed
Life without dreams is like a garden without flowers
dreams are an intrinsic part of living
Life has a way of throwing apples at us but occasionally it throws stone
Life is not always good
Faith is neither small nor large
it is either you have faith or not