Challenged as a college undergraduate, I read a lot of books that often makes me skip my meals and sleep very late every night. Amidst the discouragements and let downs, I tried to to express my feelings through my peoms. I can write better when I am very down, lonely or badly hurt but I only do these things as a sort of a fun hobby in diverting heavy emotions away.

Mostly, when writing becomes so intense an urge to scribble anything that flows right before my eyes, I can compose most of the poems I wrote in minutes. Basically, I compose in my mind first before writing it down and polish it afterwards when I am content with the outcome of the draft and whoala! Here it is...


Kenneth Romano Poems

The Lord's Blissful Morning

As every new morning broke, I stood outside and look
As the gray world vanish, I close my eyes and wish
Looking at the east with its brewing pink glow
I savor the strength and breath freshly anew.... more »

Country Life

Feel the breeze of morning July
In an early strides at its field of rye.
See the bloom of posies, buttercup and daisies
That's the wonder of country life never ceases.... more »


Oh rain, rain, rain
Come and wash away the pain.
Pitter, patte on the rooftop clean,
Do the same to me, oh holy rain.... more »

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