• A Garden In The Woods

    In the heart of the woods
    A secret garden stood.
    Where flowers carpeting the Earth
    With beauty and slendor so delicate.... more »

  • Broken Line Of Destiny

    Clumsy wings flutter up and down the sky
    Into the world of innocence it flown and try.
    It tasted the wines offered by gorgeous dames,
    It licked the flames of many dangerous games.... more »

  • Can You Read My Mind?

    Darkness creep like thick blanket
    Cloaked twilight with hasty descent
    Shadows float like wraithlike gauze
    As evening stole daylight to night.... more »

  • Country Life

    Feel the breeze of morning July
    In an early strides at its field of rye.
    See the bloom of posies, buttercup and daisies
    That's the wonder of country life never ceases.... more »

  • Dead Tree

    One late afternoon at the rooftop
    I noticed a dead tree in the back lot.
    With its lifeless branch spreading wide
    I know he was alone and feeling sad.... more »

  • Juan Pusong (Feb.5,2009)

    (A stranger named Alex on my FS account started sending PM's and delivered judgmental comments. I took his ruse and fell on writing these passages.)

    Aanhin ko ang guwapo (What do I need good looks for)
    Kung sampu naman ang kaagaw ko. (If there's ten of us in a row)... more »

  • Just Wishes

    I wish I could fly
    Like birds do in the sky
    Soaring deep and high
    As I watched them nearby.... more »

  • Midnight's Wandering Soul

    A certain place in the dark
    There stood shadows
    Shadows of lonely souls
    Longing for the comforts of love.... more »

  • Moon Lover

    Treetops glittering with hue as moonlight see me through
    In a quiet and calm night when the moon is shining bright.
    While the stars are twinkling afar and smiling it might,
    I stare like a fool and wonder how are you tonight?... more »

  • Rain

    Oh rain, rain, rain
    Come and wash away the pain.
    Pitter, patte on the rooftop clean,
    Do the same to me, oh holy rain.... more »

  • The Lord's Blissful Morning

    As every new morning broke, I stood outside and look
    As the gray world vanish, I close my eyes and wish
    Looking at the east with its brewing pink glow
    I savor the strength and breath freshly anew.... more »