• A Bushranger

    Jackey Jackey gallops on a horse like a swallow
    Where the carbines bark and the blackboys hollo.... more »

  • A Sunset

    THE old Quarry, Sun, with bleeding scales,
    Flaps up the gullies, wets their crystal pebbles,
    Floating with waters of gold; darkness exhales... more »

  • A Surrender

    WHEN to those Venusbergs, thy breasts,
    By wars of love and moonlight batteries,
    My lips have stormed—O pout thy mouth above,... more »

  • Adventure Bay

    SOPHIE'S my world . . . my arm must soon or later
    Like Francis Drake turn circumnavigator,... more »

  • Advice To Psychologists

    YOU spies that pierce the mind with trenches,
    Feasting your eyes through private panes,
    Who, not content with Heavenly stenches,... more »

  • An Inscription For Dog River

    OUR general was the greatest and bravest of generals.
    For his deeds, look around you on this coast—... more »

  • Beach Burial

    Softly and humbly to the Gulf of Arabs
    The convoys of dead sailors come;
    At night they sway and wander in the waters far under,... more »

  • Burying Friends

    BURYING friends is not a pomp,
    Not, indeed, Roman:
    Lacking the monument,
    Heroic stone;... more »

  • Cannibal Street

    'BUY, who'll buy,' the pedlar sings,
    'Bones of beggars, loins of kings,
    Ribs of murder, haunch of hate,... more »

  • Captain Dobbin

    CAPTAIN Dobbin, having retired from the South Seas
    In the dumb tides of , with a handful of shells,
    A few poisoned arrows, a cask of pearls,... more »

  • Chessmen

    CHAFING on flags of ebony and pearl,
    My paladins are waiting. Loops of smoke
    Stoop slowly from the coffee-cups, and curl... more »

  • City Nightfall

    SMOKE upon smoke; over the stone lips
    Of chimneys bleeding, a darker fume descends.
    Night, the old nun, in voiceless pity bends... more »

  • City Nightfall

    SMOKE upon smoke; over the stone lips
    Of chimneys bleeding, a darker fume descends.
    Night, the old nun, in voiceless pity bends... more »

  • Cock-Crow

    THE cock's far cry
    From lonely yards
    Burdens the night
    With boastful birds... more »

  • Country Towns

    Country towns, with your willows and squares,
    And farmers bouncing on barrel mares
    To public houses of yellow wood
    With '1860' over their doors,... more »

  • Crow Country

    GUTTED of station, noise alone,
    The crow's voice trembles down the sky
    As if this nitrous flange of stone
    Wept suddenly with such a cry;... more »

  • Crustacean Rejoinder

    TAKE your great light away, your music end;
    I'm off to feed myself as quick as I can.
    You're perfectly impossible to comprehend,... more »

  • Earth-Visitors

    (To N.L.)
    THERE were strange riders once, came gusting down
    Cloaked in dark furs, with faces grave and sweet,... more »

  • Elegy In A Botanic Gardens

    THE smell of birds' nests faintly burning
    Is autumn. In the autumn I came
    Where spring had used me better,... more »

  • Five Bells

    Time that is moved by little fidget wheels
    Is not my time, the flood that does not flow.
    Between the double and the single bell
    Of a ship's hour, between a round of bells... more »

  • Five Visions Of Captain Cook

    COOK was a captain of the Admiralty
    When sea-captains had the evil eye,... more »

  • Fixed Ideas

    RANKS of electroplated cubes, dwindling to glitters,
    Like the other pasture, the trigonometry of marble,... more »

  • Full Orchestra

    MY words are the poor footmen of your pride,
    Of what you cry, you trumpets, each to each
    With mouths of air; my speech is the dog-speech... more »

  • Glubbdubdrib

    IN the castle of Glubbdubdrib
    How spendidly we dine
    On flesh from magic potagers... more »

  • Gulliver

    I'LL kick your walls to bits, I'll die scratching a tunnel,
    If you'll give me a wall, if you'll give me a simple stone,... more »