• Afraid

    When I first saw you,
    I was afraid to meet you.
    When I first met you,
    I was afraid to hold you.... more »

  • Believe It Or Not

    You hear what you wnat to see
    you see what you want to believe
    you believe what you want to happen
    what happens is not always right... more »

  • Don'T Go To Sleep

    Don't go to sleep on me.
    For I fear you may never wake up.
    You may never give me another warm hug.
    You may never again tell me'Don't date a thug.'... more »

  • Real And True

    'Just be real and true,
    Be true to yourself as well as others,
    Be real in everything you do.'... more »

  • Unknown Love

    You ever gave your heart to someone without even knowing.
    You put your all into this person and get no results.
    Time goes by and you still feel like your at stage 1.... more »

  • You Are

    You are a mother who gave birth to my mother who gave birth to me,
    who since birth was allowed to see,
    that I was put on this earth with a destiny.
    My destiny as told by you is to be the best I can be in all that i do.... more »