• Alone

    alone in the world
    no one but me
    now i see
    and now i know... more »

  • From The Mountain, To The Sea

    From the mountain, to the sea,
    In Gods eyes I will always be.
    To my lord I pray,
    That in my heart he will stay.... more »

  • I Am The Darkness

    i am the darkness
    i feed on the light
    it cant contain me
    i feel so right... more »

  • Into The Sky

    up i look into the sky
    now i wonder can i fly,
    spreading my wings, i jump up high,
    up, up into the sky,... more »

  • My Doom

    From the darkness is were i crawl,
    then i saw her, and that was all,
    smashind crashing,
    then she was mauled,... more »

  • Shadows

    shadows of light,
    never that bright,
    shadows of light,
    feels so right,... more »

  • Soul

    i lost my soul,
    where it went,
    i do not know.
    i sent a man in a coat,... more »