Hey my name is Kera. I became a member here some weeks ago and I just started adding my poems 2 weeks ago. Some people may write poems to express their feelings but I wrote these poem for a project in class. I hope everyone likes my poem. please comment on them so can see if there good or bad.

Thanxs, kera


Kera Davis Poems

My Dad

My Dad is a very strong man
My Dad,6’ foot 4 is what he stands
My Dad is ever so nice
My Dad knows his love can never be price... more »

I Am Someone

Have you ever been told you are no one?
You know that you’re someone
But deep down you begin to think its true
It hurts your soul... more »

Looking Within

There lies a girl
A girl who sees pain
A girl who feels pain
A girl who wishes for a change... more »

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