• Beach


    soft, warm sand... more »

  • Being Me

    Don’t look at me and judge me
    The outside doesn’t tell it all
    But look on the inside
    Because that’s where the trueness lies... more »

  • First Place

    Standing at the start line
    Ready to take off
    With 4 other runners
    She’s sure to win... more »

  • Heaven

    There’s a place very far
    This place is beyond the stars
    Every where all you see is white
    Everyone you see, their so polite... more »

  • I Am Someone

    Have you ever been told you are no one?
    You know that you’re someone
    But deep down you begin to think its true
    It hurts your soul... more »

  • Lady Of Steel

    She's truly a lady of steel
    She never lets any thing get to her

    Not the fact that she has been through so much pain... more »

  • Looking Within

    There lies a girl
    A girl who sees pain
    A girl who feels pain
    A girl who wishes for a change... more »

  • My Dad

    My Dad is a very strong man
    My Dad,6’ foot 4 is what he stands
    My Dad is ever so nice
    My Dad knows his love can never be price... more »

  • Over Taking Fear

    Walking down the street as cars drive

    Everyone's looking scared as we get to the courthouse... more »

  • Wishing

    Wishing for a change
    Wishing it would rain
    Maybe that could wash away the tears
    And clear all the fears... more »