• A Poem To Be Forgotten

    This is a poem they don't want you to memorise.
    You will not be required to answer questions on it
    Nor be expected to ask any of your own.... more »

  • Be Yourself

    ... more »

  • Cosmic Haiku

    Space, the infinite.
    The endless cosmic ballet
    Of big spinning rocks.... more »

  • The Age Of Human Error

    If having all the answers means no longer asking questions
    Then wisdom's not all it's crack up to be
    Smelting down the infinite for a sword and shield of truth
    In a citadel of desperate certainty... more »

  • The Devil Repents

    It was a lazy morning up in Heaven
    Round about a quarter past eleven
    An angel came to God's right hand
    Said, 'Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't understand... more »

  • The Woman In The Box

    Flanked by holy men,
    Dancers... more »

  • True

    If though life owes you nothing it delivers even less
    If everything you try to build collapses in a mess
    If the things supposed to cheer you are instead a source of stress
    Be true... more »