• About You...

    It's like going from a stallion to a donkey...
    And yes I am that stallion...
    I bring rebellion to your backward thinking...... more »

  • Already Fallen

    In these lil moments that we speak, gentle words sound so sweet...
    You say we are just friends but deep down I know I've already fallen...
    When you say my name, my heart skips a beat, deep inside I feel the heat and I know I've already fallen...... more »

  • Confusion

    My stomach in knots,
    And all is lost,
    in my mind thats filled with confusion.
    I try to remember all that I have learned,... more »

  • Feelings

    These feelings inside,
    This yearning within me,
    When will these feelings make me feel free?... more »

  • My Revelation

    I've contemplated suicide one too many times,
    My mind a box of marshmellows, squish squashing in my head,
    These fears and tears that consumes my soul at the passing of each day!
    I am an african, born and bred!... more »

  • My Spirits Orchestra

    My conscious and sub-conscious mind entwined in a rhythm that no man understands,
    My heart insynce with a rhyme that aint mine.
    And my souls beat which is so deep, makes my spirits orchetra complete.... more »

  • Never Be

    I feel like dying,
    for this crying,
    so intence and painful.... more »

  • The Closet

    You kiss me and I feel nothing,
    Just a deeper desire to be with her,
    but what can I do but be with you,
    'Coz I know she doesn't love me.... more »