Keston Sutherland Biography

Keston M. Sutherland, born 1976 in Bristol, graduated with a B.A. from Cambridge University in 1997 and was the Joseph Hodges Choate Fellow at Harvard University 1997-98. He gained his PhD for a work titled 'J. H. Prynne and philology' in 2004, again from Cambridge University. Since 2004 he is a Professor of Poetics at the University of Sussex, teaching English literature and critical theory.

Already in 1995, Sutherland together with Andrea Brady founded the publishing house Barque Press where many of his books were published. His major 2007 poem Hot White Andy has been reviewed as "the most remarkable poem in English published this century" (Jacket).
Beside his poetry Sutherland has published numerous essays on poetics, politics and philosophy and is the editor of the QUID journal (Barque Press) for poetics and critical theory as well as of the complete critical prose of J.H. Prynne.