• Flowing Memories

    From heart to mind,
    endless reverie flows,
    in time when passion bind,
    the strength of men that grows,... more »

  • If I Could.

    If i could float like butterflies,
    I'd soar high and mystify thee,
    O'er the crest,
    I'd dream of thee.... more »

  • July Moon.

    Afar tis the moon I see,
    the murky clouds like wave of the sea,
    floating below the gleaming moon,
    eyes mused to watch thee leave soon.... more »

  • Paradise

    Oft heard them talk of paradise,
    Day and Night of paradise i visualize,
    'A land free from harm' they say,
    Thinking of it i sat in gay,... more »

  • The Dreamers Left

    Days look clumsy and drowsy,
    Time move slow but wind still blows,
    In thoughts one fancy,
    The gone days that still glows.... more »

  • Wife Of A Soldier

    Thy beauty won't last,
    Yet thou dwells in thy past,
    Wipe thy tears away,
    For the morrow is another day.... more »

  • Wind Chimes

    Such pleasant sound and peace,
    Wind chimes in the breeze,
    Tinkling gently,
    The mind embraced it deftly.... more »